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Pokemon Battle
Mini battle game

Pokemon battle is a small school project where we had to make a fighting game with a life and fighting system using the POO method in PHP. So I chose a licence that was close to my heart, which was Pokemon (black & white in particular).

I really enjoyed coding this mini-game! It took me about ten hours to code and gave me a better understanding of the OOP approach, which is one of the essentials of programming.

The first-generation Pokémon game primarily used a font known as "Pokémon GB." This font was specifically designed for the Game Boy system and features pixelated characters with a distinct retro style. The letters are blocky and simple, reflecting the limitations of the hardware at the time. Despite its basic appearance, the Pokémon GB font has become iconic and is closely associated with the nostalgic charm of the original Pokémon Red and Blue games.
To make this game, I had to use sprites from the original games. Black & White being my favourite game, I naturally chose to use pokémons from the 5th generation. I'd like to thank pokemondb, the website where I found the sprites freely available.
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