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A data visualization website

Enerviz is a website that shows energy consumption and production in France. The data is presented with the help of an interactive 3D map that allows the data to be filtered according to the type of energy and the region required.

The website and its concept were developed as part of a school project.

During this project, my group and I were able to learn about 3D on the web and how to create interactivity through it. This was done using Splind 3D software and a few community models.

For the colours, we chose a bright, colourful palette reminiscent of the cartoons of the time. And to match the artistic direction of the 3D model.
Satoshi is a modernist sans serif typeface. Its design combines typically grotesk-style letterforms, with some characters that are quite geometrically-designed. The family has tem weights on offer, ranging from Light to Black with complimentary italics, so it is perfectly suited to text
A set of icons has been specially created for this project, representing the different energies shown on the 3D map. These icons serve as illustrations for the different energy filters.
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